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What Makes the DigniCap® System Unique?

The DigniCap® system has been developed in partnership with the University Hospitals in Umeå and Lund. The experiences of both patients and staff were given careful consideration in the design process, resulting in a system that is gentle and effective yet precisely controlled, practical and easy-to-operate.

Controlled Stability

The patented temperature sensors in the cooling cap are unique to the DigniCap®. They enable the system to be self-regulating, providing constant and stable cooling.


The same system can be used to treat two patients simultaneously, yet completely independently of one another.
The channels in the silicone cap are divided into two separate maze-like circuits – one for the front of the head and one for the back – producing a more uniform temperature on the scalp.

Silikonmössans tunnlar är uppdelade i två separata labyrintliknande kretsar, en för framhuvud och en för bakhuvud vilket ger en jämnare temperatur på skalpen.

Patient Comfort

The silicone cap is at room temperature when tested and fitted on the patient's head. The temperature is then gradually lowered over a period of 20-30 minutes. This enables the body to adjust to the cooling, making the treatment more comfortable for the patient.
The special design of the caps leaves the ears free, making it possible for the patient to have a conversation or use headphones.


A safety sensor in the cooling cap guarantees that the temperature does not drop to a harmfully low level. The system is CE marked in accordance with the EU Medical Devices Directive (MDD, class IIa).

Personal Settings

Cooling time can be lengthened or shortened to suit the patient's needs and wishes. Scalp temperature is also adjustable. A lower temperature is recommended for patients with thick hair.

Personal Comfort

The system is easy to use, with simple and clear symbols on the touchscreen. Very little inspection and maintenance are required – a fact greatly appreciated by healthcare professionals.

Thanks to these factors, scalp cooling with the DigniCap® system has impressive results. More than 80% of the patients were able to retain their hair during chemotherapy!