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Dignicap® Scalp Cooling System

DigniCap® provides a reliable method of continuous scalp cooling with high efficacy and an acceptable level of patient comfort. The system consists of a silicone cap connected to a cooling and control unit. Coolant circulates in small channels found in the cap. An elastic, insulating outer cap made of neoprene is used to ensure the best fit and treatment temperature.

Cooling and Control Unit

The cooling unit functions much like a refrigerator. The coolant, DigniCool®, is cooled to a suitable temperature with the aid of compressor and is then pumped out into the cooling caps. Circulation is controlled by temperature sensors housed in the cap and is regulated by valves.
The system is operated via a touchscreen with simple and clear symbols, making it extremely user friendly.
If the temperature deviates from the set values or any other error is detected, an alarm system is triggered.

Outer Cap

The outer cap is made of insulating and moisture-absorbent neoprene. It insulates against the ambient environment while at the same time counteracting condensation. The elasticity of the outer cap keeps the inner cap in place during treatment and ensures maximum contact between the scalp and the inside of the cooling cap.

Inner Cap

The patented silicone inner cap is molded to ensure the best fit and is available in four sizes. The cap is designed to follow the hairline and leave the ears free. Silicone is a substance that retains its properties even when chilled; it is adaptable and tolerated by most people, with only small risk of hypersensitivity.
The channels in the silicone cap are divided into two separate maze-like circuits – one for the front of the head and one for the back. Two tubes run to the cap, while the return flow uses a common tube. Coolant is pumped through the tubes to circulate around the head and back again.
The cap has three sensors – one temperature sensor for each cooling circuit plus one safety sensor. Deviations from the set temperature are noted and regulated by the system. Scalp temperature can be controlled with a precision within + / - 2°C. An alarm is triggered if the temperature deviates from the set values or any other error is detected.
The cooling cap can be easily connected to and disconnected from the cooling and control unit with snap-on couplings. This makes it possible for the patient to go to the bathroom if needed.