DIGN First North Stockholm
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Johan Ericsson
Born 1958.
Employed since 2016.

Madelaine Roos
Born 1979.
Employed since 2012.
Education: MSc in Business Administration and Economics
Experience: Redovisningsansvarig Studentlitteratur AB.

Erika Bågeman
Clinical Affairs Director
Born 1979.
Employed since 2008.
Education: MSc in Biomedical Chemistry, PhD Experimental oncology
Tobias Fritz
Born 1979.
Employed since 2009.
Education: MSc in Electrical Engenering

Susanne Ljungström
Quality Assurance Director
Born 1964.
Employed since 2016.
Education: MSc in Biotechnology
Experience: Research Scientist and QA Manager within the medical device and pharmaceutical industries including AstraZeneca and Gambro.