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At the start of the 2000s, oncology nurse Yvonne Olofsson teamed up with engineer John Kern to develop a system to reduce or prevent chemotherapy-induced hair loss – a form-fitting cap connected to a cooling unit.
At that time, she was working with cancer patients, helping them deal with everyday struggles and the traumatic period in their fight against cancer. Seeing how emotionally taxing the hair loss was for her patients inspired her to start developing DigniCap®.
The form-fitting cap was made of silicone and equipped with sensor-controlled cooling elements that ensured continuous, automatic monitoring and regulation of the treatment temperature. The silicone cap was designed with a maze-like pattern of channels filled with coolant.

The close fit of the cap enabled the circulating coolant to come in close contact with the patient's scalp. This reduced the risk of air pockets forming between the cap and the scalp, which would negatively impact treatment results. The product was later given the name DigniCap®.