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Semmy Rülf | Chairman of the Board | Year of Birth 1950

Semmy Rülf has a long list of qualifications. Among other things, he has served as CEO at Axis AB, CEO at ProstaLund AB, Chairman of the Board at the venture capital company TechnoSeed. He has also been involved in several start-up companies. Over a ten-year period working as both an operative employee and board member, he helped to build up Jolife AB, which developed the ambulatory chest compression device called LUCAS.

Semmy Rülf has spent several years on the board of the listed company Vitrolife. At the start of the year, he was elected to the board of Xvivo AB. Semmy is currently employed at VisitSweden in London, where he is responsible for a number of foreign markets such as China, USA, Italy, Spain and France. However, he has once again started taking on board assignments in the medical technology industry.

William Cronin | Board Member | Year of Birth 1965

Bill Cronin has spent the majority of his career in finance. Starting with Shearson Lehman Brothers in New York in 1987 and then moving to Dallas in 1992 to work with Capital Institutional Services as their Head of International Sales and Trading. After CIS, Bill became President of Direct Trading Institutional, an early pioneer in high speed electronic trading, which was ultimately sold to Knight Capital Group (KCG: NYSE).

Bill became involved with scalp cooling after his wife’s diagnosis with breast cancer in 2011. After her successful completion of therapy Bill founded Chemo Cold Caps, LLC which has become the largest US based provider of manual scalp cooling solutions to patients. Bill is a member of the Board of C3 Device Partners.

Johan Stormby | Board Member | Year of Birth 1961

Chairman of the Board at Eurosund AB, which is the largest owner of Dignitana AB. CEO and Board Member at PROCELLA AB. Board Member at Nactilus AB, Pervac AB and Technovobis AB.

Erik von Schenck | Member of the Board | Year of Birth 1964

Erik von Schenck has over 20 years' experience in large and small international medical technology companies. He has held executive positions, such as CEO at Jolife AB, CEO at Jostra AB and Division Head at Gambro. He currently serves as Vice President at Physio-Control Inc, a global market leader in professional defibrillators and mechanical CPR. Erik is Chairman of the Board at Avidicare AB and a board member at Captera Medtech AB, Sensodetect AB and XVIVO AB.

Magnus Nilsson | Member of the Board | Year of Birth 1956

Doctor of Medical Science from Uppsala University. CEO of Xvivo Perfusion since 2011. Prior to that, CEO at Vitrolife since 2003. Formerly served as project manager for preclinical and clinical pharmaceutical development at KaroBio AB and Pharmacia & Upjohn AB.

Johan Ericsson | CEO | Year of Birth 1958

Johan Ericsson has over 20 years' experience of leading product development organizations, both nationally and internationally. He has held executive positions, such as VP of Engineering at CellaVision, Global Technical Director for the ASSA ABLOY Group, General Manager at Sony Ericsson and Axis Communications.